Posted by: aceanderic | October 7, 2008

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 (day 149)

Eric’s nickname for today was “unpleasant to be around” by the staff; great huh? He was rude to the therapy staff; pointing fingers, feeling hostile and trapped, accused everyone for lying and being crazy. He didn’t used to be like this so this is new, and it’s very common for a TBI patient in Eric’s stage to act like this after a change in the environment and routines. The staff at RIO has seen it all so they wouldn’t take my apology; there was no need for it they said. I had a meeting with his doctor and therapy team, and I gave some feedback on how to approach him, what he likes to do and not, which hopefully will make it easier for them to gain Eric’s trust and to get to know him better. If that doesn’t work, there’s always medicine they can use, it’s absolute amazing how just a small change in the medicine can make a huge change in a behavior. They know what they are doing at RIO, so I will try to sit back and watch; I will try. He acted the opposite towards me and we had a lovely long conversation about how much we love each other, and we made plans for the future. I wish I could tell Eric so he would understand that he’s safe and I did my best, and he promised me to behave better so time will tell if he remembers our talk or not. We played a round of our favorite card came, we have played this game all over the world, and that bastard won today! I thought HE was the injured one in the relationship – I’m up for revenge tomorrow.


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