Posted by: aceanderic | October 8, 2008


I purposely didn’t spend that much time with Eric today for the reason so he could get to know the staff and gain their trust without having me around to lean back on. I was at RIO for a few hours, didn’t participate in the actual rehab but we had some time together between the sessions. He was in a better mood today so he might slowly be adjusting. So I don’t know how his day was and that’s a good thing.

Rumors are that the weather will be nice this weekend so I’m taking this opportunity to get the house and the garden ready for winter. I need to get the flowerbeds ready, patch the lawn with new sod, clean the gutter, plant some large bamboo plants I purchased a few months ago without planning, paint the fence, weeding and some other things, plus I have some indoor projects for a handyman. If you have some hours to spare this Saturday and feel like helping out, please sign up at our community site:



  1. Hey Ace,

    That link I don’t think was right. When I clicked on it (11:30 PM) it did not go to anything that looked right.


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