Posted by: aceanderic | October 9, 2008


I followed our doctors’ advice and stayed away from Eric for most of the day today as well. I got a lot of things done around the house so it was ok, but I missed Eric so I spent the evening with him. He’d missed me too and gave me a huge smile when I walked into his room. He’d just got done with his last therapy session so we spend our time together talking, and had dinner. The drugs he’s on are working (!!), the Eric I saw last week is coming back; he’s more determined, feeling stronger, less angry and less insecure. It sounds like he had a good day overall in therapy. I never in my life thought I’d call Eric insecure so it’s been a weird experience to see him like this, that’s for sure. He said something to me over and over again but I couldn’t understand it so he wrote it down on paper and it said: Never give up!

Everything he does is monitored; number of bathroom visits, how he sleeps, how much he eats, etc. He’s still eating “soft mechanical food” and today’s meal was ground turkey, gravy, and cornbread stuffing. His body is working hard to recover so he needs more then 5,000 calories daily. If he doesn’t eat at least 75% of each meal, the nurse will give him extra nutrition’s through his feeding tube. He lost 25 lb in the beginning just by breathing in bed and not moving, that’s how hard his body worked to recover. Eric has gained some weight back now but he’s still skinny.



  1. ACE,

    Hang in there Eric will be home soon love this blog love the pics of Eric you both are in my prayers.

    And like Eric said Never give up…..


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