Posted by: aceanderic | October 10, 2008

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 (day 152)

Five months ago to date I got a phone call from a very nice police officer who asked if Eric Davidson was my husband. He said Eric got hit by a car while riding his bike and that he needed a knee surgery. The doctor needed my permission to operate, he said. I don’t know why I asked the question; “Is Eric’s head ok?” he didn’t really answer me on that question but at the time I didn’t react to it. I rushed away to the hospital to see Eric, not realizing that at that moment our lives would never be the same ever again. To be honest I was annoyed with all the attention after the accident. I appreciated the support, but in my mind I didn’t understand why everyone went through the hassle because I thought Eric would be fine and back to work in a few days. The denial I was in kept me standing and focused for a long time. I started this blog thinking it would be an update for everyone for a week or so, five months later I’m still updating Eric’s progress and we are nowhere near the end.

Eric’s been at RIO for a week today and he’s doing much better then he did when we arrived. The scary thing is that I’ve looked around at the other patients and by looking at his or her appearance on the outside; Eric seems to be in worse shape than anyone else. This isn’t a good thing, that’s for sure. But the good thing is that Eric is coming around and he’s starting to push himself more and more again. He’s friendlier to the staff and he’s working hard in rehab. He’s scared about his state; we all are. But I keep on telling him to say out loud what his Dad always used to say, which is “Davidson’s don’t quit!” Eric might be in the worse condition than the other TBI survivors at RIO at the moment (I don’t know for sure), but that doesn’t stop him from recovering to a healthy normal life again. I don’t know when we’ll get to this goal, only time will tell.



  1. Maybe the folks that are not in worse condition than Eric is because they WERE in that condition but have been there a while and have improved??? 😀

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