Posted by: aceanderic | October 11, 2008

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 (day 153)

“I’m lonely… where are my friends?” Eric said to me today. I told him a few were at his home helping around the house. A BIG HUGE thank you to Scott for helping with the railing and Tom and Erin for all the pruning and yardwork, we are grateful!!! You rock and are VERY appreciated. True friends are a special blessing, and when the chips are down, you really discover who your friends are. I know that I am truly blessed, beyond measure, with the friends that surround my life, thank you all (and you know exactly who you are :>).

Eric seemed a bit down today. He told me, “my head hurts” “this sucks” “How long am I here?” “When can I go home?” “How long are you here?” I explained to him that he’s in a good place that will help him get stronger, both physically and mentally, so he can go home and be successful in whatever it is he choses to do. He didn’t really have much of an expression but seemed to understand. Eric had speech therapy with him a few times today both with eating and sounding out words. He did well but seemed disinterested mostly. When he’s not able to communicate in words, Eric writes out what he’s trying to say and that seems to work.

Tom, Erin and the kids came down from Bellingham right after they found out what happened to Eric. We had a great visit with them and look forward to more time together.

After lunch Eric was pretty tired so I held his hand while he took a nap. He kept reaching out for my hand and patting my leg. I sat as close to the bed as I could without crawling up into it with him. :> I felt so sorry for him, my heart was heavy and I felt like crying but didn’t. It’s a very rough place to be in as a big sister to your youngest brother who is struggling (and could for a very long time) and seems sad. I tried my best to be strong and positive but I have to say, it was difficult. He did perk up and smiled big when we turned on the TV to CMT and watched the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders show, pretty funny. :>

RIO is a nice facility and I feel that Eric has a great opportunity to be challenged and progress in his recovery with the professionals working with him. We are fortunate he is there.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be there hopefully watching some football (love it!!) and more PT, OT and SLT.

I love you so much Eric!



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