Posted by: aceanderic | October 12, 2008

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 (day 154)

To witness what Eric’s sister Gina took part off today is very difficult to deal with. Part of me is happy I didn’t see Eric today because it’s so hard to see, and part of me wish I’d been there to support her and to help Eric. He had a very difficult day and it sounds like Eric was upset, not motivated at all, and very angry for the most part. All his negative actions, words and emotions are due to the injury. I don’t know how many times we have heard the doctor say, “This isn’t Eric, his actions are due to the injury”…”It’s the injury talking; not Eric.” I’m not sure how much he got out of his therapy today, the feedback I got wasn’t positive.

I called RIO later in the evening to check in on Eric and to see what the plan is to make his condition easier on him. He’d finally calmed down but he had a rough dinner as well. I hope the doctor will evaluate his medicine tomorrow morning and make some change. It’s weird how fast things changes. Friday I thought we were back on track, Eric was motivated and positive enough to push himself in therapy, and today was the complete opposite. It’s a good thing we’re surrounded by brain injury experts who knows how to help him. Eric’s physiatrist and rehabilitation team has a plan for Eric. What the family and I can do is to support Eric through this, and patiently sit by the sideline and watch their plan take place. I find myself just waiting, and waiting…. every day I’m hoping for “that special something” to happen.



  1. Ace, you sound like you’ve past the point of emotional burn out. Please be looking after your own mental health as well as Eric’s. You’ve mentioned TBI family support groups, please lean on them. Get yourself a counselor to talk to. Your needs are important too.

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