Posted by: aceanderic | October 13, 2008

MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 (day 155)

Eric’s mood from yesterday was the same this morning. He was angry about his condition, which I can’t blame him for at all. He was especially angry with me for no particular reason. It was really hard to coach him to participate in his rehab session while he pointed a finger at me…. I know it wasn’t Eric; it was the injury causing him to do so. He was aggressive until noon and then something interesting happened. It was like turning on/off a light switch, and all of the sudden he was Mr. Nice Guy again. I remembered turning off the light when leaving his room…could THAT really be the reason for his change?? Man, if I’d known that earlier I’d turned off the light long time ago! Eric was so positive, gentle, funny and motivated the whole afternoon. He did great in PT and OT. His PT who he’d given the finger to in the morning was no a victim of Eric flirting with her. So weird.

There’s still something off with him and I’ve expressed my concern with Eric’s team of doctors several times. Gina mentioned it to the doctor too. Eric is extremely slow, lethargic and his speech was harder to understand today. I had yet another meeting with the doctor today about this subject, which made him just scratch his head in confusion. The medicines Eric is on shouldn’t have a side effect like this, the test results looked normal, he said. He was confused until I mention Eric’s similar situation back in mid-July when I’d noticed Eric was more lethargic then normal, and he was rushed in to the ER for a CT Scan. The result of that CT Scan showed a new internal bleeding in Eric’s brain but it was minor and no procedure was necessary. But yet, Eric had to stay at the hospital for two weeks observation. After my meeting with him today, Eric’s doctor immediately consulted with the other doctor and a new CT Scan is scheduled. There is a possibility something similar happening to Eric’s brain again which might explain why he’s so slow.



  1. Again, thank God someone who knows Eric and who has seen him through this process is there to be his advocate. Once again, ACE, your instincts and input into Eric’s care have likely identified an issue no one else (except Gina) saw. Thanks for your love and care of our cousin. We wish we could be there more often to support you! -C

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