Posted by: aceanderic | October 14, 2008

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 (day 156)

Eric was more lethargic today then ever and I wasn’t the only one noticing it, everyone did. He really tried to keep up in his rehab classes but it didn’t work so well, something is definitely holding him back. A CT Scan was scheduled for later this evening, and just as I was telling Eric about the plan his nurse came in to the room and said that plans had changed and he needed to get ready for the CT Scan in five minutes. I thought that was excellent news but that’s when everything went downhill. Eric decided that we all needed to chill and wait until tomorrow; as he said. He didn’t want to cooperate at all. He turned extremely aggressive towards us, fought back with the nurses and I. I’ve read that it’s difficult to force someone with a brain injury into doing something, or even try to rush a person. We did that and got nowhere but backwards. It was absolute horrible. I think Eric in his mind, got so frighten so he did everything in his power to not do what was asked off him. All he really had to do was to lie on a bed for five minutes beneath the machine, but he didn’t understand this concept and wouldn’t cooperate. I took a step back to let the nurse handle the situation but he only made Eric more upset. I heard Eric screaming and he sounded so scared so I rushed over to just hold him tight to help him calm down. He just wouldn’t understand that he might have an internal bleeding in his head which could get worse any minute, day or second, and this bleeding is holding him back in his overall recovery. I tried to tell him but he didn’t understand. It was horrible. It’s really nothing a person can do to convince Eric the opposite besides wait for the aggressiveness to pass, yet another lesson in how to be patience. My hopes are they will have better luck later tonight with the CT Scan so we can find out the results tomorrow. I had to leave for my own sanity during this chaos. I did what a woman got to do during upsetting times to calm down; eat chocolate and window shop…



  1. ACD,
    I read your blog every night. I know you are dealing with difficult circumstances. I just wanted to say hi and encourage you to hang in there with all this.

  2. Tough day… curl up with the dogs

  3. Chocolate and windowshopping does it for me, too.

  4. Chocolate cake with extra sprinkles and nice shoes. Good therapy. Hang in there. -C

  5. Hi Ace,

    This is Stephanie, Eric’s old speech therapist from Vibra. I think of you often and I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to read about how well he’s doing! Congrats on getting him to RIO – you have worked SO hard for him and you deserve a lot of credit. I watched you give up all of your time to be there with him, pushing him along. (And I’ve seen Eric’s stubborn streak…) Give Eric a big hug for me! I am so impressed by both of you. Take care and good luck. -Stephanie

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