Posted by: aceanderic | October 15, 2008


I was on a mission to get Eric’s CT scan done today, no matter what. The nurse wasn’t able to get it done last night because Eric had blocked the door to his room with the empty bed next to him to keep everyone out. Don’t ask me how the heck he was able to move that bed, but he did. The CT scan was scheduled and I had four hours to convince Eric go with it. His morning was ok and I talked with him about all kinds of stuff, while slowly getting him used to the idea with the scan. Then all of the sudden the plan changed again and we had to get ready right away. Just as Eric and I left his room three nurses showed up in front of us to “assist” him to the second floor for the CT scan. Did they not learn anything from yesterday’s situation?? I told everyone to back off, and I said to Eric that we were running away. He totally went with my little game. But then things went wrong. He knew something was up so he grabbed my phone and dialed 911 for help before I was able to stop him, he pointed finger at some random muscular guy who happened to pass us in the hallway. I prayed this large man wouldn’t pay us any attention; it wasn’t time for Eric to have a black eye! I was able to get Eric up on the bed for the scan after a long conversation, and then we wrestled for a while. The nurse in the room tried to take the pictures but Eric wouldn’t lie still to save his life. That’s when I told Eric that he’d won; we would not do the CT scan because he wasn’t able to do it. I asked him to prove me wrong – a very smart thing of me to say. Eric decided to prove me wrong in deed and lied perfectly still while we finished the CT scan. We got it done, and I so tricked him. That whole experience was absolute exhausting!!

Eric’s nurse told me later that his Physiatrist had not seen a bleeding on the scans but the location of his shunt looked off. We are now waiting for Eric’s Neurosurgeon to look at the CT scan, and we will know what the result is tomorrow. The Physiatrist should have an alternative plan incase this isn’t the reason for his setback. I will find out about this tomorrow as well.



  1. Very tricky-and smart! I can’t wait for Eric’s recovery so he can read about how many times you got one over on him! Fantastic. I hope the test results are helpful and you can move passed this setback. -C

  2. Wholly cow ACD, I’m sorry you have to go through this without us there to help. I can only image that it’s worse than what I experienced this past weekend… sorry sweetie. Stay the course and keep that focus going, you’re doing great and I’m so thankful you are there.

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