Posted by: aceanderic | October 16, 2008

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 (day 158)

Nothing really happened today, which is the scary and stressful part. We’ve been faced with a major setback and no one knows what’s wrong with Eric. He hardly spoke and the words he said were extremely difficult to understand. He wasn’t even able to swallow his own salvia, which I haven’t seen for a long time. We never heard back from Eric’s Neurosurgeon today. Instead of calling him I actually walked into his office to “demand an answer” but according to his nurse he’d been in surgery all day and hadn’t even looked at the CT scans yet. I decided to not make a scene. Somewhere in an ICU waiting room there’s a family waiting for the result of their son, husband, or father’s complicated head surgery performed by Eric’s Neurosurgeon. At least Eric is alive, and I hope he saved more lives today. In the meantime Eric was in bed rest, drooling, throwing up, and unable to participate in any rehab. Eric’s Physiatrist thinks the problem has to do with the medicine so we’re going to clear out Eric’s body from all the medicine and start over to see if that will help.

The time is ticking and I’m getting stressed out about the missing therapy. The temporary discharged date has been set for Thursday, October 30 and he’s most likely coming home on this date. I’d love to see an extension but our dear friends at the insurance company would only allow us 30 days of inpatient rehab. The expectations of Eric’s time at RIO was that he’d reach a much higher cognitive and strength level by this date but I’m not so sure about that anymore. I’m not even sure if he can come home yet. But…a miracle could still happen, tomorrow is a new day with room for the unexpected to happen.



  1. Hi ACE,
    Maybe if it turns out to be because of the medicine you can get the ins. co. to keep him there.

  2. Not that I have any idea of what you are going through but from being a parent I have learned to let go of the plan. I’m always amazed at what happens instead of setting super specific goals. Because if I have really specific goals then I spend all my time focusing on that instead of what is happening right now.

  3. Stay positive Ace, like we all know you are!

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