Posted by: aceanderic | October 17, 2008

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 (day 159)

After a long drive from Seattle to Portland I finally arrived at RIO to see Eric.  I was very worried all week and almost sick to my stomach on the drive down.  I did not want to see Eric like what Anna-Carin had described lately.  When I walked into Eric’s room he was asleep.  I tried to wake him up but he just looked at me then went back to sleep.  After a few more minutes I woke him up, he smiled at me and reached out to give me a kiss on the forehead.  I thought that was a good start to my visit.  Things just went down hill from there.  Eric is not the same man I left here a few weeks ago.  He is slow, lethargic, and not talking.  I don’t know what happened.  It is like the last month didn’t even happen.  He hung his head most of the time I was there only answering questions with a nod or shrug.  This is the Eric of old not the new Eric………..what he heck happened.   I am hoping that this is only a set back.  I have been reading for quite some time that TBI patients often have set backs, we have been pretty lucky that Eric had SLOWLY just moved forward.  It funny to even say we have been lucky under the circumstances but none the less he has move forward through out this nightmare.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!  I say my prayers every night and every night they are the same……..God, please just bring Eric back to us.

Praying for a better day-Marci



  1. Hi again Ace,

    It sounds like the last few days have been very rough. Try to hang in there – hopefully this is just a temporary setback and Eric will be able to get back on track again. Don’t forget how far you and he have already come against all odds, and don’t give up hope. –Stephanie

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