Posted by: aceanderic | October 18, 2008

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 (day 160)

Today was better than yesterday but in a weird way.  Eric was a little bit more alert and definitely more aggressive than yesterday.  When I arrived Eric was getting dressed and ready for the day.   He had PT on his agenda first.  We went to PT and met Heather.  She was going to work with Eric today.  Eric walked around the wing with the walker doing very well.  Then we played catch with a soccer ball, working on balance. He did great with that as well.  In fact I think he enjoyed it, not that I could tell from his blank expression, but he was really focused.  After that we had to really talk him into walking with the single point cane.  He was done but with a lot of pressure from me he finally gave in and walked down the hall and back with the cane- well done.  We went back to his room and Eric got back in bed.  He seems so tired these days.  I read to him while he rested.  I didn’t think he was listening but when I asked him if he could hear me he gave me the thumbs up (I could not get him to talk at all today).  So I read on until lunch arrived. Eric ate about half of his pasta lunch- not bad.

At about 2:00 pm it was time to go back for speech and PT again.  Eric DID NOT want to go- he was tired and wanted to sleep.  Of course we made him go and he almost punched the nurse out.  She had her back to him and thank goodness I saw Eric ball up his fist and begin to strike.  I yelled very firmly NO!  He put his hand down but kept the fist.  OH MY GOSH- we escaped that one.  Once downstairs Eric did not lift his head hardly at all.  He did a little in speech and then quit.  In PT he was able to walk the stairs up and down then when asked to do it again he refused.  He was done.  I tried everything to get him to climb the stairs again, but to no avail.  At that point Heather (PT) said that Eric could go if he wheeled himself to the elevator.  He was mad and he started to kick me and grabbed Heather by the clothes- not good.  He was flipping everyone off.  At one point he grabbed my leg and pinched me then when I bent down to tell him to knock it off he took a swing at me.  Lucky for me he is a bit slow so I saw it coming and he only got me lightly on the chin.  Whew!  He is so strong I would hate to be behind his balled up fist.  I totally understand where his anger was coming from so I was not bothered by it.  I just kept telling him firmly that he can not act like that , it is unacceptable behavior.

I am very sad that Eric has dropped back down to this level.  He was past all this.  His not talking is the worst part.  It was so nice to talk with Eric last time I was here.  That is all gone.  Also, his being so tired and sad.  I hope the Dr’s can figure out what is going on and bring the Eric from a few weeks ago back.

Anna-Carin seems to be handling it well at the moment but I know her heart is heavy with worry.  Maybe a nice warm meal with a friend would needed right now.  Everyone has been so great but after a while people forget her daily struggle.  Good friends and family are what get us through these tough times.  Thank you to all who have helped already and those who are still wanting to help.



  1. Hi Marci – Glad that you are down there and able to spend time with Eric. We’re sorry that he is not doing as well as he had been previously.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Eric, you and your family. Stay strong, I’m sure the doctors will get him back on track soon.

    The Schencks

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