Posted by: aceanderic | October 20, 2008

MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 (day 162)

Eric’s Physiatrist and Neuropsychologist consulted with other doctors on the floor today and they are all scratching their heads. All test results looks normal, everything looks normal but it’s very obvious that something is wrong. It’s so frustrating to hear a brain injury expert tell you “he’s never seen anything like it”; that’s not what I want to hear. I like it much better when Eric’s odd behavior is normal behavior to them and they know how to fix it. Eric’s injury and/or medicine are making him very angry, none cooperative, lethargic, and I can’t understand his speech anymore. Something is definitely wrong; Eric is not acting like the Eric he was when he got admitted to RIO. They called in the internal medicine team of experts to review Eric’s medical report and we should hear back from them soon I hope. I asked to have the acting Physiatrist replaced with another Physiatrist at RIO. This new doctor pulled a miracle on Eric back in July by simple changing his medicine. The next day after this change Eric was like a new person and that’s the day we saw Eric smile for the first time. He’s pulled a miracle then, my hopes are that he can do it again. So in other words, today was the first time I ever fired someone. I choose to use the word “replace”, the doctor took it well but he still calls it “fired”…oh well.

As much as he needs professional help from doctors right now, I may be faced with pulling Eric out of RIO this week unless they can figure out what’s wrong with him. We don’t want to exhaust all his inpatient rehab days in our insurance benefits if he can’t take advantage of the daily therapy. I don’t know where he’d go next but I do know that wherever we go, he will not get the medical treatment he’d need to come out of this. I truly love the American healthcare system!!!


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