Posted by: aceanderic | October 21, 2008

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 (day 163)

During today’s discharge meeting with Eric’s team of doctors and therapy team we were told that we might see a change in Eric’s cognitive awareness and strength by tomorrow. They have slowly reduced the medicine, which means if the reason for this past week’s setback is due to the medicine, most of it will be out of his body by tomorrow. So cross your fingers and let’s hope this nightmare is medicine related. Eric’s day was scheduled with full of different kinds of therapy and overall he did pretty well. He was still sleepy and acted aggressive towards the staff but he did perk up in the evening. His appetite seams to be coming back and he ate most of his dinner. He even smiled!!! Before Pam and I left for the evening I asked him to try to keep strong for ten more days. “Can you stay focused and do what the staff is asking you to do for? You’ll be out of RIO in ten days so that’s all I’m asking for”, I told him. His answer was “Yes, yes, yes, I can do that!” Oh my goodness, Eric has said “no” to everything and everyone for weeks and now he said yes three times and smiled. Could this be a sign of recovery? We’ll hopefully find out tomorrow.



  1. Hope he has turned the corner…..
    Thinking of you guys….

    Love Paul

  2. Anna,

    Thank God for your quick thinking and advocacy on Erics’ bahalf.

  3. Fingers crossed!

  4. We’ll hang in there for a change in direction.

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