Posted by: aceanderic | October 22, 2008


I believe we’ve turned the corner; Eric felt much better today and was a much happier person. While I stayed home, Eric’s mom spent the day with him and she was very pleased about how well today went. He showed no sign of anger; his only inappropriate behavior was flirting with the staff…. His PT jumped up and down because she was so pleased; she worked with him on resistance strengthening and he did great. During speech therapy Eric did great with all the silly facial movements to strengthen the muscular around his mouth. It’s not medically confirmed the medicine caused his setback but based on today’s performance I’m pretty sure that was the reason for it. I’m hoping we’ll hear from the doctor tomorrow. It’s with much relief I’m writing this today and I hope tomorrow will be even better. Everyone who saw Eric today said that he looked great!! I was very proud of my husband today.



  1. Thank you Anna-Carin, Marci, Mom and Eric!! I am so thankful to hear Mom’s message and read the blog today. I have been so worried and upset about Eric for the last few weeks. I have prayed extra lately.

    Anna-Carin, I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel to have you fighting, tooth and nail, for Eric and his well being, every single day. Words cannot express.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses ~ Gina

  2. Ace,

    Keep it up I bet you are right it was probably the medication but its great that Eric is making strides in his recovery you are both in my prayers daily keep the faith I know that Eric will be flipping people off and be the same as he use to be real soon.


  3. We’re hoping to keep hearing news like that. We love you Eric. Keep up the good work ACE.

  4. I visited Eric around 6 PM last night, and was very pleased to see changes. When I arrived, he wanted to get up, and walk around. He was very capable of putting on and tieing his shoes, and then using the proper safety measures he learned to get up and maneuver around. We went down to the skybridge and I pointed out the new construction going on downtown and also Mt. Adams off in the distance. We talked about current events, and although he didn’t talk, he was very attentive. I told him that he should work hard on his speech therapy and not feel at all embarassed about trying to talk right now. When we got back to the room, he actually was speaking up. Still tough to understand everything, but when I didn’t quite understand, I had him write down the words. What really impressed me was as I was leaving, he very clearly articulated “I’ll see you again tomorrow?”. I left last evening feeling very encouraged.

  5. Ace, That is great to hear. What a struggle it has been since arriving at RIO. Thinking of the two of you everyday! See you soon. Tell Eric if he is gonna be a punk that I will show up and bug the crap out of him. MartyParty

  6. Great news! I was hoping that the adjustment in meds would fix it.

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