Posted by: aceanderic | October 23, 2008

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 (day 165)

I was lucky to have yet another day outside the hospital while Eric’s mom spent the day with him. Don’t take me wrong; I love my husband and love spending time with him but it’s nice to have alone time and catch up with the life outside the hospital. I don’t get these days that often anymore. Pam and I did however go to court this morning. It was a big day. For several weeks I’ve been stressed out with the thought of having Eric discharged and possible come home on October 30, while the trial date was set just a few days later. Today, Jeremy Jordan pled guilty to the crime and accepted the 70 months prison time. We are no longer going to trial.

Back at the hospital, Eric had an uneventful but positive day. He’s doing so much better and he keeps on surprising his therapists and making them and all of us proud. Sounds like he worked hard in all the sessions today. We lost almost two weeks due to his setback but he’s slowly but steady gaining his strength back. Eric walked with a walker without assistance, which is what he did just a few weeks ago and now relearning this again; he did great. He has also taken the step up from eating “mechanical food” to “regular food”, he’s now allowed to eat anything and everything. Today’s dinner was a cheeseburger with bacon, and French fries on the side. Eric was smiling big time during dinner. I stopped by to see him this evening right before dinner and it was so nice to see him smile again. I looked him in the eyes and I can tell he’s back; my job now is to really encourage him to keep fighting to get stronger both physically and mentally. I know he can do it, and I’ll anything to help him believe it too.

Eric met our dogs after dinner and I could tell the three of them have missed each other. Our big babies haven’t seen Eric since we were at the last place so it’s been a few weeks. Eric had smuggled some of the bacon out to the dogs so they were really happy to see him. I ended my evening with a glass of red whine; today’s agenda had a lot of things to celebrate so my wine tasted extra, extra good.



  1. skål !!!! God bless the Swed’s ~

    XOXO ;>

  2. Great news!!! Cheers to the great day you and Eric had!! I hope the days continue to be just as wonderful 🙂

    Keep up the great work!!

  3. Hej Anna-Carin & Eric!

    Underbart att höra om alla förbättringar!!! Firandet har du verkligen förtjänat, A-C. Vi är fortfarande kvar här borta i cyberrymden och läser troget – du är en klippa! Heja Eric också, kämpa på du så som bara du kan göra och grattis till cheeseburgaren!
    Stora kramar,
    Cilla, Cory & Colin

  4. I am glad to hear that you do not have to deal with a trial.
    As for taking a day off, you deserve it. best wishes.

  5. Glad to hear your sweet dogs got to see Eric, and I hope your garden is thriving, like Eric is. I was relieved to see the news about the trial in the Oregonian – it’s nice there is some closure on that, but it still doesn’t seem fair. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help – it was nice to meet you last weekend.

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