Posted by: aceanderic | October 24, 2008

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 (day 166)

I dropped off Eric’s mom at the train station today, she spent the morning with Eric and I spend the afternoon. According to his Neuropsychologist Eric’s morning wasn’t good; he’d been very sleepy, slightly aggressive again, and didn’t want to cooperate as much in conversations or therapy. This phone conversation made me worried since I for sure expected to hear the opposite. Everything was improving I thought. I went over to Eric earlier then planed only to find Eric…smiling. What is going on?? The hours I spent with him today was great. He was happy. He read part of the article about us in the local paper, gave me a thumbs up about front page, I pointed out all the errors and he just smiled. His PT was very pleased about his performance in the afternoon and so was his OT, and SLP. Eric and I spent several hours in his room watching movie clips on YouTube, reviewed our FaceBook account and watch pictures from our “old life”. We were not able to do any of this just a week ago, he’s clearly coming back. We discussed his injury and I explained for him the reason behind some of his behavior and what we need to do to get him better. Intensive rehab and plenty of sleep is what I told him. He wanted to help, but I said he needs to focus on getting better while I take care off all the bullshit around it…. He’s worried he will stay like this for the rest of his life and I told him he’s not, he will progress for many years to come but he needs to fight and stick with the program. The doctors are now trying to figure out why he’s so against everything in the morning and so strong later in the day. They are running more tests, perhaps it’s still the medicines fault or perhaps it’s just as simple as he needs more sleep than RIO allows him.


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