Posted by: aceanderic | October 25, 2008

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 (day 167)

It was a mellow day at RIO today, not only for Eric but the whole unit seamed quiet. It’s common for patients to get a day-pass over weekends, which will allow them to leave RIO for the day. Unfortunately, Eric isn’t at this stage yet. He got plenty of rest today between the few planned therapy sessions. When I walked into the waiting room at RIO I found Eric tucked up alone in a corner in his wheelchair with his head down and eyes wide open. It was awful to find him like that and I felt terrible. Sometimes I wish I could be at two places at the same time so he wouldn’t have to be alone. He begged me to bring him home and as so many times before, I told him he’s not strong enough to go home yet. He needs to get stronger because I can’t care for him in his current condition. That must have done the trick because he did excellent in the therapy session after, and the one after that as well. His therapy was done for the day at 3pm and he actually wanted to stick around and do some more leg exercises with me. I take any minute I take any chance I get to squeeze in more training with him between his sleep and already busy days.

I encourage Eric’s friends to come and visit him, especially over the weekend or weekday evenings. I know he’d love to see you in person and catch up with the real world. It’s also good for him to feel your support.


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