Posted by: aceanderic | October 27, 2008

MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 (day 169)

“Wow”…”Oh, I wish we had more time to work together”…”Eric, nice job!!”…”Eric I can understand you so much better today”…..”Wow again” These were just a few of the commands we heard today from the staff at RIO. His schedule has never been so busy with therapy sessions as today but Eric pulled it all off, and he did great. He was tired but he did great. I’m being trained to work with him and I’m soaking in as much information as I possible can. We still have one more argument with the insurance company to get them to allow Eric more days but so far it doesn’t look good. The discharge date is set for October 30, which it hit me today is THIS coming Thursday! I got a slight heart attack when I realized that; the date sounds further away when you say it then it really is. Eric is coming home and I’ll be his wife, caregiver and therapy trainer in all areas. For over five months we have had the security of a nursing, doctor, and rehab team assist in the care of Eric. Come Thursday, that responsibility becomes mine, and the team will surround us. There’s no way you can equip yourself for this challenge of taking care of your disable husband at home, so I’m just going to dive right into it and hope for the best. Eric will attend outpatient rehab sessions but we don’t have that many hours allowed of this service with the insurance, neither do we have enough in-home care allowed so I need to cough up the “big bucks”…. I guess I should buy a lottery ticket!!

What Eric first and foremost needs is a routine, safety, and organization. It will take us some time to get this routine figured out and I’d appreciate any help the community would offer. I don’t know how often I will be able to leave the house without Eric, and Eric needs constant supervision. If you’re interested in helping out with walking the dogs, grocery shopping or donate a prepared meal, please sign up at our community site schedule listed on this right page, or shoot me an email. I’m also looking for any mind games, 25-50 piece puzzle, and workout equipment I could use for Eric’s rehab.



  1. deep breath…..
    Good Luck, lets hope coming home will stimulate Eric to the next level….
    Love Paul

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