Posted by: aceanderic | October 28, 2008

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 (day 170)

We had yet another positive day at RIO. I’ve said this a few times since the day Eric got injured, and I’m happy to say it again; something happened and Eric took another big step forward. That’s not a medical statement; it’s coming from me as his wife, and the face expressions of joy from Eric’s rehab and doctor team. Eric is more alert, focused, stronger, and his short-term memory is slightly improved. Part of his OT session this morning before I got there was shopping. Eric purchased a lovely card for me which he picked out himself, paid for it and wrote a love not. When I walked into his room he immediately said that he had something for me (he remembered the purchase he’d done several hours earlier), and he had a big goofy smile. Yep, it was impossible to not cry!

We both attended the weekly discharge meeting today, and we heard nothing but very positive commands about Eric’s progress from the doctors and rehab team. That wasn’t the best part, it was that Eric stayed focused, participated, listen, and asked questions. He’s eager to know the exact story with his injury and his prognoses. I’ve told him this story many, many times but I think it’s going to be different this time. His doctor will go over everything with him tomorrow.

I’ve had many recommending me to get on Medicare for assistants. I thank you for your help; unfortunately we can’t apply for Medicare until 24 months from now.

The handrails along our stairs are installed for Eric’s safety thanks to our friends Scott and Ian.



  1. He just keeps on improving. Thanks in large part to your hard work!

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