Posted by: aceanderic | October 29, 2008


I walked into Eric’s room with wonderful news to tell him, and my worry that he wouldn’t take it the way I did came true. RIO managed to pull some strings for us, totally unexpected; we’re now approved to stay until next Tuesday. The reason for this is because Eric has progressed steady for the past days and his potentials  for progressing even further is high. I’m so excited; this opportunity rarely happens, I’ve been told. All Eric wants is to go home so he got really upset about this. He’s been at the hospital for almost six months so I can’ blame him. The whole morning went wrong; after having the luxury of being alone in the room for three weeks, Eric now has a roommate as of this morning. On top of this change Eric found out that he needed to stay longer at RIO. Changes for a TBI patient could be very stressful, and Eric got two large changes within a few hours. My 30 minutes of hell included several nurses, one Eric, one doctor, two admin staff, and three security guards. While the nurses tried to calm Eric down in his room, I blocked the door from getting the security guards entering the room. One little Swede against three armed guys! They didn’t understand the reasoning behind Eric’s behavior; their concern was to protect him from harming himself or others. Luckily this happens constantly at RIO, the staff was awesome and knew how to deal with everything. Eric finally calmed down and in the afternoon he was up on his feet again to participate in therapy. He did great! Before I left for the day I told him what a great opportunity we have been given, and how excited I was to stay longer. I guess my approach worked because Eric thought it was awesome too, and he promised me to work hard until we leave.



  1. FANTASTIC! So glad to hear it and I have no doubt you were the moving force behind the extention. That’s great. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Eric continues to rapidly improve over the next week. Happy Halloween. -C

  2. Hi Anna,
    I don’t understand why you aren’t getting money from the car insurance company… Shouldn’t there be a big settlement from them?

  3. As a Closed Head Injury survivor (nearly 30 years post injury) I’ve read this blog with both insight and trepidation. I know too well how difficult this sort of thing is, but I know too that it is possible to get things back in order.

    Your faith in your husband is both heartening and encouraging. I will keep both of you in my thoughts.

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