Posted by: aceanderic | October 30, 2008

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 (day 172)

I didn’t have time to spend that many hours with Eric today. It takes time to get the house ready for his discharge date, plus buying safety equipment and therapy tools, which is what I’ve done during my “free time” this week. Eric’s day was ok; he was tired but managed to get through with all his therapy sessions as scheduled. His doctor spent some time explaining for Eric what a closed head injury mean, what’s damaged and the importance behind therapy to recover. It was so depressing to hear. There is however one positive thing with this nightmare, and that is that we’re now allowed to park the car at the handicap spots, or as we call it; Rock Star Parking!

Eric has been complaining a lot about pain in his knees and the doctor finally listed to us and ordered an X-ray for both knees, which we had done today. Once we came back to the room Eric’s bed had been replaced. The bed he’d been sleeping in for over a week had a safety net wrapped around the bed so he couldn’t get out at night. He had to use this bed when he was a risk at harming others or himself. It was a scary looking bed, impossible to get out off from the inside, and it’s very common use among patients at RIO. Despite what happened yesterday, Eric is finally back in a regular hospital bed. Woo Hoo, one little accomplishment crossed off from the list.


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