Posted by: aceanderic | November 3, 2008

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3 (day 176)

I haven’t seen Eric smile as much since May 9th as he did today. He was in the most happiest and goofiest mood ever and he made everyone smile back. We had a great time, and it’s because he knew he gets to come home tomorrow. He did awesome in therapy, and he was accused off “holding back” earlier because he did so great. He was able to walk the four steps up and down without any assistants, which is huge! I was on standby assistance but I didn’t have to help him at all. We do however have a problem with his knees. The X-ray on his knees showed a problem and he needed to run more tests. Eric was taken to the Nuclear Medicine room for a Bone X-ray. This kind of X-ray shows the active living process of the bone. Turns out that his bones are growing into his muscular in both knees, an issue that only happens to brain injury and stroke patients. Now, that’s gotta hurt!!! Thank goodness we got this figured out before we leave. We spent the whole day talking about going home so in the end it must have been too much for Eric. He wanted to go home this evening and he accused me for holding him there one more night for no reason. We went from having a great time to a difficult time. Eric called me a liar for keeping at RIO for no reason, he hated me, and he asked why I was scared off brining him home…. Yes, I’m scared but that’s not the reason for why he had to spent the night. The doctor still needs to write up the discharge summary, etc.

I had a little chat with our dogs this evening about the changes we’re facing. They both gave me their paw, looked at me happy and confused, which is exactly how I feel…. happy and very confused about having Eric coming home. Here we go…..



  1. Anna-Carin and Eric,

    We are here for you as always. A little challenging living in Seattle but we are here for you both, night or day. I am so happy that Eric is able to finally come home. I know there is a lot to deal with and organize like meds, appts, etc… but he will be able to be in your home, a place that makes him very happy.

    I’ll see you Friday and can’t wait to help and see the smiles. ;>

    Love you both very much!

  2. ACE, thanks for writing about Eric’s ex-rays. My father had a stroke about 1.5 years ago and has complained about knee pain for a long time. Maybe now my mother can talk to the doctor about doing something.

    I am excited about Eric coming home. It will be a challenge, I’m sure, but it will be a good thing.

    Susan Sanborn

  3. Good luck and stay positive! Easier said than done I suppose, but still something you will have to tell yourself daily. Very nice meeting you!

  4. I’m alive and can’t wait to be back in life.

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