Posted by: aceanderic | November 4, 2008


Please join me in welcoming Eric home. After almost six months at the hospital, with only three short visits home I’m happy to finally have Eric back at home. We’re having a big welcome home party here on the blog, and you’re all very much welcome to attend. It would be awesome if you could send Eric a positive note; anonymous or not, it doesn’t matter. I would like for him to see the support I’ve seen, as I know this will encourage him to keep going. There’s approx 500 hits per day, and that my friend, are a lot of welcome home greetings.




  1. Welcome home! Party on Big Guy!

  2. Welcome home Eric! You and your wife are amazing people, please know that so many people are pulling for you.

  3. Welcome home Eric. This is a major milestone and we are thrilled that you’ve progressed so far. Hope to be able to get down to see you again soon. Cheers! -Cassie

  4. I’ve never met you, Eric, but I’m one of many strangers who’s been following your progress every day.

    Congratulations on making it home. You’ve come an incredible way, and you’re very lucky to have an incredible wife who fights so hard for you every day.

  5. Eric-
    We are so proud of your progress. You are in all of our hearts and prayers each day. Anna-Carin has shown you amazing love, holding your hand and leading you to this wonderful homecoming. We will be down to visit you very soon. Keep up all the good work, sweetheart.
    Rebecca, Tim, Sarah and Anna

  6. Welcome home Eric!!! You’ve come a long way so far, and you will certainly continue to progress. Keep working hard on your recovery. We’re all rootin’ for you. We’ll see you soon at your house… Love, the Leibs

  7. We’ve never met, but I’m a Portlander (and cyclist) who’s been following this blog for a few months. I’m in constant awe at Eric’s progress; what an uplifting story! Keep on fighting, and welcome home!

  8. Hi Eric,
    We’ve been with you in spirit and prayer every step of the way! We are thrilled with the progress you have made and we are sooooooo happy that you are finally home! Keep up the good work!! We will keep checking in on you.
    Peace and love,
    Colleen and Bob Fox

  9. Welcome home, Eric! I’ve been following ACE’s updates on y’all’s progress. Much hope and light your way on this next leg of your journey!

  10. I’ve been following your progress. We’ve never met but you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Welcome home! I wish you a continued recovery.

  11. Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe it. I am one of many strangers who has been following your recovery since your wife made the the blog available to KGW, somewhere around a month into your journey. I am always amazed at what God is capable of. He has put such a strong fighting desire in you and in your wife. I will continue to think about you and pray for your family. I hope that there will still be a daily blog, It has been apart of my evening routine to check in and see how everyone is holding up. CONGRADS on the homecoming!

    God Bless you all,

    The Watson Family

  12. oh, by the way….thanks for posting the picture, it helps to have a face to the story!

  13. Eric – Your story is so inspirational and I’m looking forward to being inspired for a long time. Congratulations and good luck in the future. Ace, you too. You’re a rock and I’m proud to say I know you.


  14. WOW.. GO ERIC! I am “also” one of the “strangers” that have been following the story ever since it broke. I so empathize with bicyclists so that was my initial purpose for reading about you. From an outsiders’ view Eric is recovering incredibly Ace… You just wait and see!!!!!

    Now watch the elections and see if Eric remembers who he is routing for!!

  15. Hey guys

    Thinking of you lots. Hope all goes well at home for you.
    Wish we were closer to help!
    Keep it up Grumpy Doogie and remember that we love you lots!
    A-C, you are the best!!! And we all appreciate your hard work!
    Eric, you are one lucky man!!!!!
    Love you both and look forward to your visit to Cape Town one day!! Maybe a wine or two!

    Will call you soon

    Lotsa Love
    The Mowats

  16. Good luck to both of you. I am a first time poster, but a long time reader and have kept you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    I went through something a little similar with my husband about 10 years ago and so your story has been extra close to my heart.

    This will be hard, but you will also find it will become very routine and even easy. You will also be blessed in ways you can’t even imagine right now. Not that you would ever want life to have gone this way, but there will be things that you will be very grateful for that could only have come from this experience.

    I am so glad you are finally able to come home. Your dogs will be so HAPPY too.

    Congratulations to you both 🙂

  17. WELCOME HOME!!!! Can’t wait until Eric starts to be the one keeping this blog updated!!

  18. We’ve been reading your blog from Houston and are sending happy thoughts and strenth and best wishes to both of you across the country. We’re so excited about the progress we read about. Hang in there!!!!

    two cyclists in Houston….

  19. Eric,

    Welcome Home!! I’m thrilled for you!!

    When times get tough, give yourself a break and remember YOU ARE ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY. It’s a long hard process. You’ll make with faith, determination, hard work and support. From reading this blog, it’s pretty obvious you have the support of friends an family. The faith, determination and hard work come from you. I know you can do it. Even though we’ve never met, I’m pulling for you every day.

    Cheers to you!

  20. yay! You’ve jumped the hurdle! Welcome home Eric!

  21. Welcome Home! Rebecca and I are planning to come down and see you and Anna-Carin the weekend after next.

    Take care,

    Uncle Tim

  22. Hello Eric and Welcome Home!!!
    You don’t know me but Anna-Carin (Ecka)and was in the same class for 12 years..
    It’s only 2 weeks or so since i seen Eckas page on facebook and came across this blog and I have checked for updates everyday 🙂
    I wish you a fantastic home coming and hope for a good continued recovery at home!!
    All the best to both of you
    sussi x

  23. Welcome home! Our family continues to pray for you both. We know your wonderful sister, Marci. I follow your progress daily and send lots of love your way.

  24. Welcome home Eric! You have a lot of fans out here on the internets [sic].

  25. Welcome home Eric! We look forward to seeing you soon and watching your continued progress. Davidson’s never quit and we know how hard you BOTH have worked to get here!

  26. Welcome HOME Davidson!!! Take Care of Yourself and ACE! Just try to listen to her, at least once in awhile!!! She is your touch-stone and an amazing person to boot!!! Life is a long winding road, with many unexpected turns, but looking out for one another is the best way to travel it. Stay strong and my your stubborness aid you and your laughter, tears and love last you, your whole wonderful, aweful, journey. Blessid BE to you and yours.

    Lots of Love and Best Wishes
    To You and Yours

    All the way from Samoa

    Heather and BOB Penner

  27. ERIC…… WELCOME HOME DUDE! YOU ARE A FIGHTER IN THE TRUEST FORM! MAN I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU! I remember the day I received the news from Tiff…. I just thought think 6 mths down the road… he will be just impressing everyone with his recovery. Told myself to focus on the postive. Well here you are. You most surely did not disappoint! You have one hell of a wife in Ace, she is amazing and you two make quite the combo! I hope to see you soon man… When your up for it lets go ge that tattoo you always were after me about, deal? Welcome Home again Eric!

  28. Happy Homecoming, Eric and Ace! I am yet another stranger who reads the blog every day, rooting for your progress. My own husband suffered a severe brain injury while biking a year and a half ago. He continues to improve to this day. No doubt you both have a long and difficult road ahead of you, but remember lots of folks are sending you love and good thoughts. Keep on fighting the good fight.

  29. Välkommen hem Eric!
    You’re an inspiration and we know being at home is just going to give you more positive energy to keep up the great work! We love you both and miss you terribly,
    Cilla, Cory and Colin

  30. Welcome home Eric and God bless you both. I look forward to your recovery and don’t forget you’ll be tackling the outdoors again in no time!

  31. yeah eric, way to go!! you have come so far and now it is time to start the journey!! your wife is absolutely a godsend, make her proud. we are all watching and you give us all inspiration to push forward and not let anything get in the way.

    see you very soon….hahaha, your wifey has me staying with you next week….are you ready for the marty party!

  32. Wow – what a milestone! We are so very proud of all the hard work both of you have done over the last few months. Keep fighting – your progress has been amazing and inspirational to us all.

  33. Hi and congratulations Eric. I don’t know you or ACE but have been checking on your progress for the last 177 days. Your fight and Anna-Carin’s sheer will to keep you tethered to
    recovery has truly been a learning experience and a inspiration to me. I look forward to your full recovery and will keep reading your story as long as it is being told.
    If, in the future ,you have any doubts about your relationship with your wife, all you need to do is read a few day of this journal to have the sense slapped back into your head. I can only hope that if I ever find myself in a similar situation that I
    have the same rock solid advocate watching my back as ACE.


  34. Hey Eric, welcome home!!! Trevor and I are on vacation right now. Otherwise we would stop by to see you as soon as you get settled in. We will be back on Sunday late, so we will catch up on Monday.

    Dave and Trevor

  35. ERIC:
    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and your famiy LOVES you. You have come soo far, we are ALL proud of you and are here for you and caint wait to see you. Job well Done!!!
    Welome cousin, Welcome Home…………
    -Maria and Ryan

  36. Congratulations to both of you on your homecoming, Eric and Ace! I’m one of the many who have followed your progress over the months. You are an inspiration to so many people – for your bravery, your perseverance, and, most of all, your love and devotion for each other in the face of such challenges.

  37. Welcome Home Eric!!!!! I’m so happy for you and Ace. You have been through so much, the two of you. I wish you nothing but the best and continued strength as you continue on your recovery.

  38. Welcome home Eric!!
    We have never meet before. I work for AFG and heard about you from Kevin and Stephanie Davies. I believe a week had past since day 1 and I asked Stephanie if she had heard how you were doing. She told me about your blog and I have checked it every day since. Your story is truly amazing and you have come such a long way from six months ago. Your loved ones, family, and friends “old and new” are all looking forward to your full recovery. Stay strong and keep fighting!
    Ann Marie

  39. Eric and Ace,

    I’m so glad that Eric is home and I know that just being there will speed his total recovery. What a historical night (Obama) for his return!

    Uncle Steve

  40. Welcome home Eric!
    You’ve worked so hard to get here, and have plenty more hard work ahead of you, but you have proven that you can do it. You have so many people, many you know, and many many more that you don’t, that are cheering you on, and sending all our positive healing thoughts your way. I’m one of those strangers who checks in on your progress daily, both a neighbor and a cyclist. So happy that you’ve made it home!

    Best of wishes to you on your recovery, and give that amazing wife of yours a huge hug and kiss. You are so amazingly lucky to have each other.

  41. Eric,

    Welcome home bud! Congrats on the progress and the trip home! Bernie, Kerry and I are going to pop over and see you in the next week or so.

    Hang tough my man –

  42. Welcome home Eric! I am another stranger out there who has followed your progress from day 33. Your wife is an amazing person and a true inspiration to me. I don’t think you have a choice but to make it with her will and determination. Good luck and God bless both of you!

  43. Great news getting back home dood……
    Remember I’ve got a surfboard with your name on it here in S Africa and you were supposed to have been here by now…. maybe you will be delayed a yr or 2 but we’ll get you guys down here eventually….
    Be good to ACE and take care of her as much as you can….


    I am so excited this day has finally come, especially for you and ACE….what a road it as been!! Keep fighting and taking each day, one day at a time! ACE has done a wonderful job keeping us all up to date on your progress, what a wonderful wife, person, friend, etc she is!!

    My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you!!!

    Take care and keep fighting!!!! 🙂

  45. Welcome home Eric Michael!! We are truly so proud of all that you have accomplished to get to this place in your journey. We will continue to be the strength and support you need to fully recover. Near or far we are just a phone call or iChat away! (That was really fun to see you “Grizzly Adams!” via the computer last night). Can’t wait to spend time with you in your home this weekend, see you Friday little bro.

    Anna-Carin, where do I begin??? You are person I admire, love, trust and respect, you are a true friend. You have shown a relentless and unwaivering committment, love and determination to protect and nurture what matters most. The love you have for Eric warms my heart and soul all the time.

    As I’ve said before, I’m here for you ANYTIME!!

    We love you TONS!

  46. Welcome home Eric! I am sure that it feels really good right now to be back in familiar surroundings and to have a very dedicated wife and your special dogs around you. Mike and I hope that your recovery continues to be successful and that one day you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Anna-Carin has written wonderful stories about the ups and downs of your recovery and she must have an unlimited amount of strength to have got you where you are today. Mike and I hope that you both have a good visit with Caroline on Thursday and that she will bring a little sunshine to yours lives for just a short time. Keep up the good work, we will be thinking about you.

    Best Wishes
    Gill and Mike Compton


    Hope the party isn’t over yet, it shouldn’t be; a good party lasts for days…. Well, here I am anyway.
    I am one of those many strangers who have been so very fortunate to follow your recovery process through this blog. Yor story is full of hope, love, courage, inspiration; truly awsome. With your burning desire and strong will you’ll beat the odds, as you already have.
    You have a lot of strangers to cheer you on, and many people praying for you.
    Eric, you are a very lucky man to have such an amazing wife. Her love and patience, determination and strenght is a beautiful example for all of us, a true inspiration. She has taught us all what real love is all about.
    You also have a very supportive, loving family and friends that care. Yes, you are a lucky man, with lots to be very thankful for.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if one day your story will be on the movie screen, what an inspirational film that would be.

    All the Best to you and your Darling.

  48. Hey Bud,
    I don’t even know where to begin. I am so happy that I have to fight back the tear so I can see the computer. I love our chats and can’t wait to see you in your home again, surounded by your beautiful wife, fuzzy dog and your prized possessions.

    Your will and determination is so Davidson/Benine. You have it deep in your blood and I know you will continue to impress everyone (including the doctors) with you progress and will power. Ace has set this amazing recovery in motion and now you need to keep it going. I know you will!

    You know the love we have for you and Ace is strong and deep.

    Marci, Paul, Abby, Lexi and Grace(pink monkey)

  49. Welcome home Eric! All your fight and hard work (your’s too Anna-Carin!) has been amazing and we’re so happy that you’re back home.

  50. Welcome home Eric, keep up with your recovery/exercises, it’s vital.

  51. Eric – Marci’ & Gina’s little brother does it again! Continue to share your dazzling smile & strength.. showing the world what an incredible force & gift you, your wife and family truly are for the rest of us to honor. Accept all the praise…. don’t be shy.. as you & your family are a true example of humanity at its best.

    Anna-Carin, though we have never met – your strength and courage is inspirational. You have learned more (and taught!) about the value of life and love than most do in their whole lives.

    Keep moving forward.

    Meghan Raftery

  52. Eric —
    I just knew you would be back home before long! But not without a lot of work!! I remember the little kindergardner at Newport Heights elementary with the big smile, curly hair, with so much energy and determination!!

    Anna Carin–
    You’ve done such an wonderful job and an inspiration! You are an amazing lady!! You are a great example of what the word “comittment” means in a marriage!

    Eric & Anna–
    Our love is with you–especially our prayers. We’ll continue to follow your progress. Keep up the GREAT work!! We hope to be able to see you soon!

    Jan and Mike Murray & Family

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