Posted by: aceanderic | November 4, 2008


First day at home with Eric and I’m out of words. I have no idea what happened to him since last night but I like it. The man sitting next me right now, is definitely not he same man I left at the hospital last night….something happened and Eric took a gigantic step forward. I can’t get him to STOP talking!! Sadly, I don’t fully understand him but that doesn’t stop him from talking, oh boy. We had some issues with the pharmacy so we still don’t have all of Eric’s medicine. Turns out that the walker I got for Eric is too small so that’s another thing we need to fix.

While I unpacked, Eric was in bed with my laptop watching the election status. While video ichatting with his sister, he also ichatted with our friend, at the same time. I tell you, Eric is on a roll!!! Oh, and we had popcorn too 😉



  1. That is so awesome! Keep on keeping on, Eric!

  2. Fantastic news! Looking forward to visiting once we return from our trip!

  3. Eric called me last night. It was the first time I’ve heard his voice in over 7 months. I couldn’t believe it–absolutely amazing! I missed the call (election coverage) but can’t wait to actually speak with him again. Hoorah!!!!

  4. Way to go Eric!!! We are so excited for you and Ann Carin!!
    We have been reading the blog everyday and have cried and laughed along with your ups and downs. Glad to see you are on the up swing this week. Those dogs will be a great help.

    Take care
    The Rhodes

  5. That sounds like a great normal night at home. I hope being back home puts you both in a good mood and helps move recovery along at a good pace.
    Welcome home Eric.

  6. I had a dream last night that I was visiting Eric and that he was talking up a storm….that’s so weird that he actually was! I think of you all often. Love you!

  7. Eric,
    Welcome home! Way to stay strong and not give up buddy!
    Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

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