Posted by: aceanderic | November 18, 2008

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (day 192)

I don’t know if the dogs were more restless then I today so we went to the dog park leaving Eric behind alone in the living room. He was busy any whey with reading a several page Survivor Guide for Brain Injury Survivors. At RIO they told me to never leave Eric unsupervised, and they also told me that Eric MIGHT be able to read short stories. Eric did just fine by himself for a half hour, he actually didn’t move from the couch and he was still reading when we came back. I can’t tell you how much he actually remembers from his reading but at least he’s reading and that’s great for him. This day has been out of control relaxing, Eric was so tired this morning so our daily schedule fell behind, instead of working hard with his therapy, we found ourselves spending quality time together next to the open fire. We have a pretty good routine down by now, which changes daily but we get at least one hour speech and one hour physical therapy done a day. I also try to have him focus on a game or a puzzle daily, which is working out fine. Outpatient rehab has started so we have a trip to the hospital scheduled almost daily. Some of our hard worked showed result yesterday when Eric walked 23 steps without any assistance. Woo Hoo!!

Besides learning how to walk and talk again, mental fatigue is a big struggle for Eric. Fatigue and TBI seam to go hand-in-hand, as it’s extremely common for a brain injury survivor to get fatigued in the afternoon; it’s like running out of energy and your body just shuts down. For Eric it’s the opposite (of course!), it’s very difficult for him to wake up, and his mornings are SO slow. His best time of the day starts around 2pm so I’ve made sure to get as much out of him then. This makes it extremely difficult to get enough things down. I’m worried long-term this might make it difficult for him to get a job, and short-term it makes it hard to sign him up for Day Treatment Programs specialized in TBI as these starts in the morning.

Being a Caregiver isn’t an easy job. I’m quite bad at it as a matter of fact. I thought managing a Production Department was stressful but this is a different stress. For example, it’s hard enough to make sure I’m drinking enough water throughout the day, and now I have to make sure we both drink enough, plus eating healthy food. Today is a celebration because Eric almost got all the 64 oz of water finished! The goal is to get him to actually drink the water so I don’t have to give it to him through the feeding tube, it sure would be nice to have the tub removed soon.



  1. Anna-Carin and Eric,

    Like the updated blog. Pictures are great!

    Keep up the great progress.

    Love ya, Gina

  2. Hell to the yeah Eric!

  3. anna-carin & eric,

    We have been reading your blog since the first week. We also have berners and learned of your accident through Val and Sherri. We are so proud of you both. The commitment and work and tears Anna-Carrin has been through and your improvements each day really show how strong your and your familty are. I know it has been a long road with many miles left to go. But keep up all your hard work your Guys are worth it!!!

    Dawna & Kevin

  4. Anna, way to go keep trusting your judgement.

  5. Hi there..I’ve been reading your story and would love to help any way I can….doing errands, reading, playing cards. etc. I hope to hear from you.

  6. So Jeremy Jordan is in Prison now. I hope everybody feels better.

  7. Anna-Carin – I seriously doubt you’re not a good care-giver. You’re not perfect – so what!? As a Registered Nurse, I’ve had years of training, but I admit I could never do rehab, because it’s the toughest of all the jobs for sure. Progress can be slow and hard to pick up on, which makes for great discouragement. But it sounds like you’re doing the exact thing you ought to be doing – keeping tabs on every little bit of progress, because they’re all small victories. Bless you & Eric.

  8. Hi Anna-Carin and Eric! Yeah! I heard great news, he IS in prison. Yes CHARM believe it! He deserves to serve more time, he got lucky. Try living Eric’s life for one second and you’d understand! Great to hear that Eric is doing so well! We will see you soon!

  9. Eric and Anna-Carin,
    Your progress, Eric, is remarkable, your blog fascinating, and Anna-Carin, your caregiving inspirational. I pray for you daily – both of you have a difficult road ahead, but I know that you can navigate with your positive attitude, faith, and the help and support of all your wonderful family and friends. Wish we lived closer so we could help out, but we send our good wishes instead.
    Dennis and Marikae Moraski (Davidson neighbors)

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