Posted by: aceanderic | November 21, 2008

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (day 195)

The drunk hit-and-run driver was sentenced to 70 months in prison this morning. I was there with my attorneys while Eric’s mom was home taking care of Eric. Her challenge was to get Eric’s morning routine done, which is a difficult task and he challenged her big time. In order to get Eric to do anything we have to encourage him and talk him into it in a positive way over and over again. I’ve figured out it’s easier to get him going by giving him choices of two or three activities. This forces him to think which seam to kind of wake him up easier. I’ve learned the hard way not to ask a question in the form of “do you want to….”, because he’ll only get the answer “no” back. Another very common change after a head injury is an increase in irritability. Due to the damage, Eric is unable to block out excessive environmental stimuli. I’m super nervous to take Eric out in public due to this, and I hope this phase will past really, really soon. He growled at a poor old lady at the hospital, he pointed finger at a nice man who’s only intention was to help us…oh man, how embarrassing!

A new challenge is that Eric gets really car sick, and every outpatient rehab visit at the hospital is not only mentally exhausting for him, his face also turns white from the car ride. Yesterday when we arrived back home from outpatient rehab I got him situated on the couch so he could rest while I took take care of the dogs. Our lovely creatures had discovered the dog food in the garage and had their own party while we were gone. They had eaten so much so their bellies were swollen up shaped like a furry sausage, and they had difficulties moving around normally. On top of this they had their party in the Portland rain so they were soaked. My three boys at the house were all ready to puke and were whining for my help. I didn’t know if I should cry, laugh, or pull my hair; it was a mess! Oh, good times…



  1. I’m so happy you have dogs! I’ve only read your first entry but bless you. If you need free dog walks maybe I can help. Call me 818.312.3667

  2. I had a stroke when I was very young (for having a stroke) and for awhile after, riding in a car made me really sick. It wasn’t the motion, though, but the visual swooshing by of everything outside the car. I always thought the car was going way faster than it was, too, so the slower you can drive, the better. Maybe.

    I realize it might be impossible and it might just make him angry, but if there’s any way you can convince Eric to either lie down or close his eyes for the ride, it might be worth trying.

  3. Dog parties. I’ve had a few of those on my watch. The worst was getting into the Costco oatmeal.

    I’m glad you can turn the page on the criminal portion of this ordeal.

    Will those bracelets help with the motion sickness? The ones you can buy every where in Hawaii and I assume if you looked for them you could find them here. They are the only thing that helps with my motion sickness and you wouldn’t be introducing another drug to his system.

  4. Anna, When I read the Saturday paper, the thing that struck me was the number of headlines that were about the careless and wreckless use of automobiles . The story about your husband struck me and when I saw your photo I realized that you live on my street and that we moved onto this street about 20 days after the accident. I’ve seen you walking your beautiful dogs. Being an owner of 2 dogs ourselves, we know how hard it is to get them walked on top of everything else. I want you to know that I would love to help out with exercising your dogs for you. Just let me know if that would be of help. Take care, Fiona

  5. I was in a car wreck on the Morrison Bridge in 1998, and had a Traumatic Brain Injury. I have no family here so I was in an Adult Foster Home for eight or nine months before I was let out on my own (the insurance ran out). I got tired easily and had little endurance. The world around us is full of things happening, of smells, of colors, and it’s overwhelming.
    I was fortunate in my recovery, but it took me four years to get to the ability to do an 8 hour job, and handle the travel and enironmental stimulous.
    I wish your husband well. The brain is an amazing organ and with time can repair itself; I hope his does too.

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