Posted by: aceanderic | December 31, 2008


New Years Eve, the last day of the year and the last rush for us to get things done. With “done” I mean getting the last doctor visit done for the year. Our deductible has been reached so we’ve been taking advantage of getting services done while the insurance is covering the cost. This is the reason why I’ve kept Eric extremely busy the last two months with outpatient therapy, and multiple doctor visits in different areas. Today was a busy day with three visits at two different hospitals. Eric got radiation treatment on his knees today plus speech therapy. Radiation therapy is suppose to be an effective method of preventing Heterotopic Bone increase, the result will tell in about two weeks.

We have been on a role, we only missed one appointment due to the “snow storm”, and that’s because the eye doctor kept the place closed due to the weather. I was determined to get everything done, nothing could stop me so when Portland got two feet of snow, our friends thought I was nuts when I left for Seattle. There was no way I would celebrate Christmas in Portland with only Eric and I; I had cabin fever and needed company. I packed the car with Christmas gifts, handicap equipment, gear for a week for the two of us, snacks for the ride, dogs and dog stuff, and off we went. The hardest part was to leave our street but we made it to Seattle without any problems. I’m used to drive in the snow, being a Swede and all so it sure would have been embarrassing if I had wracked the car!

Our week in Seattle with Eric’s family went surprising well. Eric’s nieces and nephew kept him busy with playing Wii, which he actually won several times. This game is known to be used as a therapy tool with success so I was extremely happy to see that his family had purchased a Wii set for Eric. This really was a wonderful Christmas and it will help Eric practice his balance, memory and all kind of other things. At Christmas Dinner over at his auntie’s place, Eric was treated like royalty. I actually think someone even referred Eric as “The Sopranos”. I had sent out an email in advance to give his family a heads up about his condition, and they took this to their hearts. Eric sat on the king throne while family came up to him to talk with him, give him massage, etc. Eric who had missed his family a lot was in great mood and truly loved the attention. Who wouldn’t?

I have big plans for 2009 for Eric’s recovery. It’s going to be more structured on a weekly basic, which is important during his recovery. Starting next week, Eric will participate in a day-treatment program for TBI survivors. With start twice a week this will provide him with a five hours daily consistent therapeutic activity. It’s been really stressful to be the main and only person, expect his therapists, to support his recovery so I’m looking forward getting professional assistance. I’m also looking forward getting some of my life back, and I hope to have a job soon.

Today was a stressful day so the New Years Dinner I had prepared will have to wait until tomorrow. Eric requested….pizza for the evening. Sad huh? 2008 was a sad year so cheers for 2009. May this coming year be a heck of a lot better then 2008!!



  1. Gott Nytt 2009!
    Härligt att ni fick en trevlig jul – förstår inte varför de har såna problem med snön…
    Bamsekramar från C3 +?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, I’m glad the weather didn’t hold you back and you and Eric got to celebrate with family. We had pizza too. The in laws hosted dinner, but there weren’t any vegetarian options, so we ran out for a quick bite. It was actually pretty delicious, no complaints from me.
    A wii sounds like a great addition, I hope that helps out as both therapy and entertainment. Did you also get the Wii fit game with the balance board?

  3. Gott Nytt År! to both of you with lots and lots of love!!!

  4. I sure enjoyed seeing you and Eric at the various dinners over the holidays. Eric did great in all that a Benine get together entails – noise and mass confusion. 🙂

  5. Eric & Ace,

    May this year bring you much joy, peace and good times!


  6. Cheers and love to you both.

  7. Happy New Year to you both. 2009 is sure to bring you many blessings and much joy. With the determination you obviously possess, you’ll see a lot of progress this year. Keep up the hard work and know that many others are pulling for you both every day.

  8. Anna and Eric,

    Jim and I moved to Seattle in November because Jim was transferred here for work. Not sure if you remember me, Anna, but I met you through friends in Portland (we have the same B-day, remember?). Anyway, we think about you both often and I wish for Eric’s continual progress. And, for you, I think about how strong you are and how much respect I have for your love for him.

    We live in Seattle now, and if you are ever in town, although we don’t know eachother pretty much at all, we are here if you need someone in this city. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Our best,
    Jim and Jennifer

  9. You should do a “Soul retrival” this is some shamanic work and it will help..Read up on it at Last Mask Healing…Trust me..
    Take care!

  10. I have been following your story since I left the hospital. Erics recovery is truely a miracle, and you are a such an amazing strong woman to have traveled this journey along with him. I have tried to comment before but it never worked with my computer for some reason. Just know, you, Eric, and your amazing family are still in my thoughts… Best to you in 2009!

    Polly, RN

  11. Yea! It worked this time 🙂 my e-mail is would love to hear how you are doing!


  12. I grew-up with Eric from Kindergarten through Graduation, and lived just 2 blocks from him in Newport Hills. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve seen him and I just learned of his accident. He is such a special guy, and one I’ve thought of over the years. My heart is with you all, and knowing Eric’s determination as a child, I am positive he will have a very productive 2009.
    Thank you for sharing his story. You are an amazing person, and I am so glad that he has found you. Please give him all of my best.

  13. Eric,
    I wrote once before on your blog but want to write again to say hello and, more importantly, that I am looking forward the day you can write me back yourself. 🙂 I know everyone tells you you’re going to recover, and it might get old to hear it…but there is a reason I, and others, would say this. It’s because we knew/know you. And I know…..deeply, truly KNOW…you are going to be back to being Eric Davidson, 100%, very soon. So I hope you get this message (and I hope you even remember my sorry ass!). But please know I have not spent one day since I heard about your accident that I did not think about you, and I pray every single day for you to fully recover. Take care and I’ll see you someday very soon!
    Love to you and your amazing wife,
    -Tracy Spencer

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